Change ourselves to survive climate change? (14 mins)

“Can We Survive Climate Change Without Changing Ourselves?” – a TED talk by Sharer Ali. “Overconsumption is wrecking the planet, not just for future generations, but also for our contemporaries and other species. We will consider how climate injustice affects those least responsible for it and least able to afford the action required to deal with it. I will ask what kind of social change is needed to help us value and preserve things in life that really matter, like breathable air and a beautiful sunset, and how we might transform the economy to facilitate this end.”

Shahrar Ali entered green politics after working as a researcher in the European Parliament on the risk of GM foods. He has a PhD in philosophy from UCL, in which he tackled the morality of lying and deception. Shahrar edited Why Vote Green 2015, an impassioned call for environmental action in the 21st century

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