About this site

This site acts as a curated collection of films that we find inspiring or informative.

‘We’ are the Pump House Environment Centre, located in Worcester and run by the Duckworth Worcestershire Trust, a registered charity established in 1998 by Cecil Duckworth, former chairman of Worcester Heat Systems. For more information about the Pump House, including our facilities and opening hours, visit www.pumphouse.org.uk.

Scroll through the titles on the main page, find a film or a category using the ‘Archives’ or ‘Categories’ menu on this page, or simply search, by touching (or clicking) the magnifying glass icon at the top of the page.

This site is intended mainly for use within the Pump House itself; there is an iPad, equipped with headphones, for use freely by visitors. If you know of any films you think would happily sit amongst this curated collection, talk to a member of staff (or you can e-mail us on info@pumphouse.org.uk).

When you touch (or click on) any of the titles on the main screen, you will be presented with a page of information about that film. You can start watching the film by tapping (or clicking) the ‘play’ button. We recommend watching full-screen – look for an icon in the bottom right of the film screen once it starts. (If you can’t find the full-screen icon, and you are in the Pump House, do ask a member of staff for help.)

So, what are you waiting for? Put on your headphones and enjoy the films!